Hin Areni White (Voskehat), Vayots Dzor, Armenia 2018

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Refreshing, delicate and floral wine from high altitude Armenian vineyards, made from their iconic Voskehat grape

Voskehat, which literally means “Golden Seed” in Armenian language, is considered as the Queen of Armenian grape varieties. Harvested in the historic village of Areni, the Voskehat grape gives birth to subtle white wines with a rich aromatic bouquet, especially notes of white fruits, citrus and wild flowers.

Ungrafted grape variety growing at 1250m altitude with protected designation of origin. 

The Hin Areni Vineyards winery located in the village of Areni in Armenia’s Southern Vayots Dzor Region, is over twenty years old, with recently completed renovations and equipment upgrades. It strives to offer wine lovers high quality wines made of Areni (Red) and Voskehat (White) varieties endemic to Vayots Dzor. The winery’s 32 hectares of vineyards, located in Areni village at 1,250-1,300m altitude, are 80% Areni and 20% Voskehat. The oldest Areni vines are 15 years old, while the newly established Voskehat and Areni vineyards are four years old, equipped with drip irrigation system. Average yield is 5-6 tons per hectare, even less so for premium reserve wines.

The Estate started its production with only Areni Red and Voskehat White classic wine lines. Over the years, Areni Rose and premium class reserves, both red and white, were added to the range.

Tasting Notes: Colour ranges from pale yellow-goldish. High acidity level provides freshness along with citrus aromas. Slight fizzy, medium bodied dry wine, with flowery notes and balanced mineral aftertaste

Critics: Wine Advocate-Robert Parker 2020, Hin Areni whit: 86 points