Keush, Methode Traditionelle, NV, Khachik, Armenia - Case of 6

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Complex Champagne-method sparkling wine from the highest vineyards in the world

Approximately 1800 meters above sea level, on Armenia’s southwestern border, lies Khachik, a rural community home to panoramic mountainscapes, just over one thousand villagers, and the highest elevation vineyards in the world to produce méthode traditionnelle. Keush sparkling was born with a desire to create a product that married extreme high elevation farming and un- grafted ancient varietals. The vineyards are planted on the rich volcanic soil. It is an opus with a 6000year origin. Keush is a pioneer in making a Methode Traditionelle sparkling wine from indigenous Armenian grape varietals and the result is an explosion of crispness and freshness in the mouth.

Tasting Notes: Big bubbles. Pure, zesty citrus and dried grasses, hay on the nose, with a light lees creaminess. Dry tasting and almost salty on the palate, very crisp and balanced by a soft texture. Mouth-watering and precise without noticeable autolytic character except the creamy aroma and texture.

Critics: Jancis Robinson 16.5/20

Voskehat, Khatun Khardji