Southern Greece - Crete, Peloponnese, Ionian Islands

Southern Greece has a hot Mediterranean climate, but by growing grapes at altitude in the Peloponnese it has become a source for delicate white wines, principaly from Moschifilero. The Peloponnese's red Agiorgitiko grape vies with Xinomavro for the title of Greece's best source of red.

The Ionian island of Cephalonia is the source of  the fabled Robola of Cephalonia, the distinctively powerful, lemony dry white is made entirely from Robola grapes, which are cultivated almost exclusively on the island. The wine made from these early-ripening grapes is high in both acidity and extract and is much prized within Greece

Crete is the largest Greek island, with many vineyards at high altitudes to mitigate the heat. Pale, aromatic red wines are made here from Liatiko, sometimes blended with Mandilaria. Light, delicate white wines are made from Vilana and Athiri.

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