William Kerr's Borders Gin

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Truly Borders Born and Bred - William Kerr’s Borders Gin is 100% made in Scotland, hand crafted at and by The Borders Distillery, from barley to bottle.

William Kerr is one of Scotland’s most renowned plant hunters whose tireless work contributed 238 new plants to the UK. Borders Gin celebrates William Kerr’s great achievements and his contribution to botany. It pays tribute to the wealth of fascinating botanicals from near and far, some of which are at the heart of this spirit.

Using their own original spirit, this 43% ABV gin explores the art of distillation using their specially commissioned Carter Head still, to capture the essence of a delicate balance of botanicals from near and far.

Enjoy with good tonic and lemon for the perfect serve. 

Tasting Note: Rich mouthfeel with lovely sweetness and distinctive botanicals. A Borders Masterpiece

ABV 43%