Headlands Cove, White Zinfandel, California, USA 2019

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Classic White Zinfandel, bursting with sweet berry fruit

Vineyards are grown in the fertile San Joaquin valley around Sacramento in the central valley of California. They are trellised vines on a number of different soil types and vary in flavour from raspberry and soft cherry spice to black currant and blackberry. The trellising enables the wineries to machine harvest to get the grapes into the winery during the night with minimal skin contact time to help produce a light fruity style of wine. The grapes are harvested and bought to the winery and gently crushed and destemmed and pumped to drainer tanks. After a period of approximately 5 hours, the juice is drained off from the skins. This is called Saingnee. This juice is then clarified and then sent to Stainless steel fermentation tanks. Where the wines are carefully temperature controlled to retain the flavours of strawberry and fresh sweet cherry. Fermentation takes place using specially selected yeast strains to retain the fruit characters of the grape keeping the wine fresh and zesty.

Tasting Note: Delicate and refreshing, this White Zinfandel is abundant in fruity aromas reminiscent of summer with sweet ripe raspberries and strawberries. In the mouth the red fruits mingle with melon and hints of orange zest and sweet spice. White Zinfandel’s light sweet flavours make it great appetisers as a sipper on its own, or with a variety of dishes.


Zinfandel 76%, Chardonnay 10%, Others 14%