Weddings & Events

Borders Wines are delighted to help you cater for your wedding or event, providing wines sale or return with a 10% discount for orders over £200 - we can advise on wines and volume based on the nature of your event.

We're happy to recommend wines (see our proposals below) and can stage tastings prior to ensure you select the right wines for your event.

Estimates of bottles required are based on guests expected, length of the event, and if you need additional wines (sparkling, champagne) for welcomes and toasts.

To estimate how much wine you may need, bear in mind the following numbers:

  • One 75cl bottle of table wine yields six generous glasses with food.
  • One 75cl bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine yields six generous aperitif measures, or eight measures for a toast.

For an event lasting several hours with a meal and drinks (i.e. a wedding) a bottle per head (half white, half red) is often about right. Add some sparkling for welcome drinks or toasts.

We don't routinely stock beers and soft drinks but are delighted to order for events.

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Our Proposals - paired reds and whites, followed by sparkling wine: