Rallo Azienda Agricola, Il Manto Nero d'Avola, DOP Sicilia, Italy 2019

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Bright and modern Sicilian Nero d'Avola, the Mediterranean in a glass.

On the west side of Sicily close to Marsala, is where Cantine Rallo calls home. Working organically, the Vesco family focus on creating fragrant crisp Catarratto and perfumed fresh Nero d'Avola from their hillside vineyards. These vineyards are certified organic and are nestled high up in the hills south of Alcamo to take advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures and greater diurnal differences. The vines look down on the town of Marsala where, when the grapes have been harvested, they are taken. Here Andrea Vesco treats them with respect, utilising modern technology to ensure the freshness is retained for the final wines and creating elegant examples of the varieties that are anything but what you would expect from such a hot land.

Tasting Note: Intense ruby red in colour the bountiful nose of red fruit and pleasant vanilla highlights blend with the balanced, mellow and persistent palate.


Nero d'Avola (100%)