Château Trebiac, Graves, Bordeaux, France 2017

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Lovely Graves of some complexity, the cadet of our superb Crabitey

Abandoning Paris and the world of finance, Arnaud de Butler made his home among the vineyards of Bordeaux. After learning the viticultural ropes, he took over from his father at Château Crabitey, where the wines of Château Trebiac come from. Situated 35km south of Bordeaux, the 70 acres of the château is one of the flagship estates of the Graves’ renaissance. In 1985, they called on Jean-Ralph de Butler, who began the task of bringing their work up to professional standards, getting the vineyard back to peak condition, modernising the production facilities, planting new plots of vines and building a new winery. Since 1999 the estate has been skilfully run by Arnaud. Building on the work that had already been achieved. He focuses a key part of his attention on vineyard practices: ploughing, shoot-thinning, green harvesting, leaf plucking etc. A new winery was built in 2001. Contains Sulphites.

Tasting Note: Evocative of red-berried fruit, followed by dark chocolate, hazelnuts and gentle spices.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot