Discover - Albariño (6 Bottle Mixed Case, white)

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Discover the perfumed, elegant aristocrat of the Rías Baixas in north-west Spain, known as Alvarinho in the north of Portugal’s Vinho Verde region.  The grape produces crisp and complex whites, ideal for seafood.

The grapes’ thick skins help them withstand the particularly damp climate, and can result in white wines notably high in acidity, and flavour.

Case includes:

1x Lembranzas Albariño, Rias Baixas, Spain - Classic lemony and mineral laced Albariño from its spiritual home

2x Eido da Salgosa, Albarino, Rias Baixas, Spain - Top quality Rias Baixas, fresh aromas of citrus, green apple, stone and tropical fruits

2x Leira Seca Encostas de Paderne, Alvarinho and Trabajdura, Vinho Verde, Portugal - Elegant Vinho Verde with traces of tropical fruits and a long, crisp freshness 

1x Quintas do Homem, Vale do Homem Alvarinho, Vinho Verde, Portugal - Single varietal, elegant Vinho Verde, fresh and superb with seafood. If you like Rías Baixas wines you'll love this