Discover - Santorini (6 Bottle Mixed Case, white)

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Home of Assyrtiko, valued increasingly widely for its acidity, apple and lemon flavours, and ability to express terroir. Finest examples are stellar. The best examples will improve with age. Hugh Johnson 'Possibly the cheapest 4 star wine around. The Apex of Greek Wines (Santorini Assyrtiko)'

Santorini, one of the southern Cyclades islands that are part of Greece, was known in classical times as Thíra. The island is a part of the core of an ancient volcano, which erupted c.1640–1620 BCE, destroying the Minoan civilizations of Thíra and neighbouring Crete

Santorini is one of the most surreal terroirs for viticulture. The winds are extreme and, in most places, vines have to be trained in a low basket shape for protection. Everything that grows on the outside of the basket is pummelled by the wind, resulting in very low yields.

The collection below expresses the unique terroir of the island

Case includes one of each:

Avantis Estate Dolphins Santorini (Assyrtiko), Greece - Terrific, complex Assyrtiko from the Island of Santorini, refreshing and long

Artemis Karamolegos, 'Santorini', PDO Santorini, Greece - Fresh and intense Assyrtiko that will improve with age - a brilliant Santorini

Hatzidakis Santorini Skitali, PDO Santorini, Greece - Legendary Assyrtiko from the leading lights of winemaking on Santorini - one of the last wines made by Haridimos Hatzidakis 

Artemis Karamolegos, 34, PDO Santorini, Greece - Award winning Assyrtiko, complex and layered, showing the huge potential of this amazing grape

Hatzidakis Santorini Familia, PDO Santorini, Greece - Intense Assyrtiko from the leading lights of winemaking on Santorini - fabulous

Gavalas Santorini, PDO Santorini, Greece - Old vine Assyrtiko from Santorini from a family winery, with the structure to age for 6 years or more