Discover - Greek Whites (6 Bottle Mixed Case)

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6 Bottle Mixed Case showcasing the superb White Wines of Greece. 

Greece has, in the last twenty years, transformed into a rising star of the wine world. It has a particularly rich history of wine making, stretching back at least to the 7th century BCE. Early Greek colonization led to the vine being taken to all parts of the Mediterranean, thus laying the foundations for viticulture across Europe.

Enjoy a trip around Greece, from Macedonia to Crete, discovering some delicious and unique grapes!

Case includes one of each: 

Santo Santorini Assyrtiko, PDO Santorini, Greece - Terrific, complex Assyrtiko from the Island of Santorini co-op, their flagship wine, 100% Assyrtiko, with absolute classic attributes of the PDO

Tetramythos Malagousia Organic, PGI Achaia, Peloponnese, Greece - High altitude, organic, Malagousia full of blossom and exotic fruits

Gentilini Robola of Cephalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece - Unique to Cephalonia, this is vivacious with smoky and mineral aromas along apple and white peach scents.

Grampsas Allegro White, PGI Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece - Delightful white from Zakynthos, with aromas of citrus fruits and blossom.

Semeli Mantinia Nassiakos, PDO Mantinia, Peloponnese, Greece - Lively, complex Moschofilero from lofty Mantinia in the Peloponnese, crafted by the acknowledged master of the grape

Tetramythos Retsina Organic, Apellation Traditionelle, Greece - A fresh new take on Retsina, with fresh fruit and pine resin deliciously integrated