Gil Luna Sin Complejos, Toro, Spain 2017

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Robust Tempranillo from the famous Toro appelation, fresh and generous

Toro is in a region with excellent conditions: A continental climate of extreme temperatures, sandy soil and centenarian vineyards, many of which are pre-phylloxeric, since this plague had little impact in Toro because of its geo-climatic characteristics. To preserve the traditional power of the Toro D.O. combining it with an embracing softness. ” Sin Complejos” is made from 40 to 60 year-old vineyards of Tinta de Toro, with very low production and grown in the tradition of the area not to interfere with natural processes

Tasting Note: Splendid dark colour wine presents great vivacity and magnificent youth, very clean, deep and intense bright red cherry colour. Rich nose with hints of ripe, healthy, fresh grapes with a light floral touch. Well-balanced with a strong structure and nerve. With high quality tannins and good acidity. Fresh with generous ripe fruit character.


Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo)