Grampsas Novita White, PGI Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece 2019

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Serious white from Zakynthos, with aromas of citrus fruits and jasmine. 

From 100% Vostilidi grapes, an indigenous variety of the Ionian islands and in particular Zankynthos. A fresh wine produced by careful hand selection of grapes and controlled fermentation at low temperature. 

The Grampsas estate is located near the semi mountainous Lagopodo village (at the foot of the mountain), on the beautiful Ionian sea island Zakynthos. A growing zone with great potential and significant production prospects that gives wines of exceptional quality.

Grampsas estate was created to show the undiscovered wealth of Zakynthos grape varieties. With proper care in cultivation, respect to nature and people and by utilizing years of expertise in their terroir. The strong commitment to the quality of the raw materials and the careful winemaking has a unique effect, making richer their range of Greek wines.

"Vostilidi or Gustolidi is a unique ancient Greek variety, which has survived from Homeric times under the name of the divine, to take its present name from time to time, from its vintage in August. Its many exotic tannins for white grapes lead us to the theory that his old ancestor was a red variety or that it is an ancestor of red varieties! Bottled wine has grown generations and generations of producers in Lixouri and the wider Kefalonian land, who drank it at home or in the tavern (and still drink it) oxidized! His mixing – until today – of some with drinking water, restores and answers the question of why the ancients drank their wine well!"

Tasting Note:  Medium lemon colour and distinctive aromas of lemon blossom, citrus fruits, bergamot and jasmine. Sharp and oily mouthfeel. Ideally accompanies fish, white meat, pasta and cheese.

Critics:  Jancis Robinson 16/20 (2015)

Vostilidi/Gustolidi 100%