Karavitakis 'Little Prince' Red, Chania, Crete, Greece 2020

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Full of generous velvety dark-plum fruit, and rich on the palate

The Karavitakis winery is located in Pontikiana in the Kolymvari area in Chania, Western Crete. The Karavitakis family have produced olive oil, raisins and wine for many generations. Founded by Manolis Karavitikistakis, using the experience he gained running a large winery in Italy, he modernised the family's vineyards.
The winery is now run by his son, Nikos. The winery owns vineyards in several areas of Crete, concentrating on growing and vinifying local grape varieties.

In the last 20 years or so, the dynamic Karavitakis family has overhauled its vineyards, built a new winery and planted new varieties. Viticulture is sustainable, with no chemicals used.

They are part of a movement called Wines of Crete, including many other young independent growers, which has challenged the older-generation’s view that the old oxidative wines were best.

As well as owning their own vineyards the family also obtain grapes from small estates with which they work closely, sending their own agriculturalist to assure themselves of the quality vineyard management and of the fruit. Nikos Karavitakis is the new generation making wine here and like his father he champions local varieties such as the white, apricot-scented Vidiano and red Kotsifali and Mandilaria varieties. This attention to detail and the forward thinking go arm in arm with the traditional values of the family.

Tasting Note: Kotsifali is used as a backbone for this wine offering soft texture and plum fragrances and mandilari ads deep ruby red color tanins and jam flavors. A red wine which can be enjoyed even without food.

Critics: Jancis Robinson 16/20

65% Kotsifali, 35% Mandilari