Leira Seca Encostas de Paderne, Alvarinho and Trabajdura, Vinho Verde, Portugal 2018

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Elegant Vinho Verde with traces of tropical fruits and a long, crisp freshness 

The Vineyard of Encostas del Paderne are planted on the sandy granitic soils of the slopes of Paderne in the northern Minho Valley. Overseen by Manuel Da Rosa, this wine is produced with minimal inputs from the Alvarinho and Trajadura varities which are handpicked from low yielding vines. Winemaking is traditional with as little intervention as possible to bring out the natural flavours. Alvarinho/Albariño is a variety native to the North West of the Iberian peninsula. It is appreciated for its powerful scent, velvety character and distinctiveness. This grape’s thick skin helps to withstand the particularly damp climate of where it is grown and contributes to its intense aromas and razor-sharp acidity.

Tasting Note: Citrus straw colour, bright and clear, with greenish gleams. Fruity character, with a floral touch and some nuances of citric fruits (lime and lemon). Robust but elegant, with traces of tropical fruits and a crisp freshness that prolongs its aftertaste.


Alvarinho (70%) Trabajdura (30%)