Puffing Billy Steam Vodka - The Borders Distillery

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40% ABV Unfiltered Malted Barley Vodka, made in The Borders from local barley

Steam Vodka is the purest expression of the barley spirit. The Borders Distillery pot distil from locally grown barley at The Borders Distillery. Filtration would strip away the delicious flavours and soft textures of the barley, so the task of smoothing the spirit is handed to Puffing Billy, our Carterhead Still. Distilled through copper for purity, and then steamed through charcoal for smoothness the resulting vodka is brimful of character with an incredible creamy mouthfeel.

Tasting Note:  The malted barley gives Puffing Billy a rich, creamy mouthfeel. Its full rounded smoothness provides an excellent balance to sharp and dry mixer flavours like Tonic Water or Ginger Beer. The vodka has tropical fruit, citrus, and grassy notes in the nose. These delicate elements can work well with berry flavours or cherry. Alongside the creamy texture, there is a subtle malt character. This can balance stronger citrus flavours or sour fruits such as grapefruit, cranberry, or gooseberry.

ABV 40%