Theodorakakos Mavroudi, PGI Lakonia, Greece 2013

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Deep and rich red wine, with cherry and chocolate hints, from Spartan Laconia

In the heart of Laconia, on the route to the Mani and Monemvasia, you will find the vineyards and the winery of the family of Georgios Theodorakakos, the Estate Theodorakakos. According to tradition, this is the region that, through the port of Monemvasia, supplied the aristocracy of Constantinople with wine, as they were familiar with the area due to their close relationship with nearby Mystras. The first vineyards of the estate were planted in the early 20th century by grandfather Nikolas.

Mavroudi is a dark-skinned grape variety possibly originating from the West Thracian Valley. The low-yielding, late-ripening vine produces small, almost black fruit with thick skins. The grape’s name is derived from the Greek word “mavro”, meaning black, which is appropriate, as the wines it produces usually are of a dense almost black colour. They also have pronounced tannins big body and high acidity, with an abundance of stewed-fruit flavours on the palate, which create a glycerol mouth-feel. There is a certain botanical note, providing a medicinal finish reminiscent of herbs and barks. May one say that this grape has a lot from the character of Cabernet Sauvignon with a Greek twist.

Tasting Note: Deep red colour, exquisite bouquet, bringing in mind flavours of cherry and milk chocolate, with hints of smoke, roasted chestnut and butter, with a rich, full body in the mouth and an intense aftertaste. Harmonious

Critics: Jancis Robinson 16/20 (Average Producer Score), Silver PAR Wine Awards (2010)

100% Mavroudi